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Marathon Guide

Bib numbers will not be posted beforehand, but you will be able to collect them from the registration area at the Uhuru Park on the 6, 7, or 8 of September, You will need your confirmation email or e-ticket that you should receive about 1 week before the event.

Opening hours:

  • Friday 6th September from 08.00 hrs. till 18.00hrs

  • Saturday 7th September from 07.30hrs till 19.00hrs

  • Sunday 8th September from 06.00hrs till 10.00hrs

Avoid the rush on Sunday and pick up your bib number on Friday and Saturday!



Collection of the Participation Pack

  • A free T-shirt when you collect your bib 

  • Unique finisher's medal

  • Supply stations along the course and at the finish line

  • Changing rooms

  • Free storage for sports bags

  • Correct registration of km and time along the course and at the finish

  • Full results will be online when the race finishes on

  • A detailed course for all DISTANCES with the location of supply stations

Participation Pack

When handing in your sports bag, you will be given a numbered sticker which you have to attach to your bib number. The same number will also be attached to your sports bag. After your run, you will only be able to collect your sports bag by showing your bib number with the numbered sticker. Please note: Once you have handed in your sports bag, you will not be able to get it back until AFTER your run!

Storage Location: Uhuru Park

Sports Storage Bags

Changing rooms will be provided at the Uhuru Park facilities.

Please note: There will be no showers in the changing rooms.

Changing Rooms

  • Starting in waves enhances the running experience for all participants.

  • Ensure you arrive 15 minutes before the start time of your wave. Please check the opening times of the start zones.

  • The organization assigns the waves. At registration, you will be asked to state your estimated finish time.

  • If you are registering as part of a group or business, your group will be placed in a wave based on availability.

  • Approximately 1 week before the event, you will be assigned your wave and bib number.

  • You cannot start in an earlier wave.  You cannot join your friend in their wave if you are not registered for it. This will undermine the entire start system. To counter this, there will be checks of bib numbers that state your wave at the entrance of the start zone. However, it is possible to start together in a later wave without any trouble. Moreover, there are benefits to starting in a later wave. You can start smoothly and at ease, and there will be pacers – including fast runners – in every wave.

Starting Waves

There are 8 water stations provided along the course of each race. They are distributed about 5KM apart.

There will be a final supply station by the finish line of the Nairobi City Marathon 42KM offering water and a snack.

Supply Stations

Do you have a particular time in mind to finish the Nairobi City Marathon?

On Sunday 8th September, The Nairobi City Marathon wants to distinguish itself as a road race and will have a real pacer team waiting for you at the start to help you to achieve that time! Several experienced, mainly Kenyan pacers, have committed to being the 42 KM pacers. Two pacers per finish time have been invited to guide the runners. The pacers will be targeting the following times: 2hrs59, 3hrs15, 3hrs30, 3hrs45, 3hrs59, 4hrs15, 4hrs30, 4hrs45 and 5hrs. It will be easy to spot the pacers in the start zone by their coloured flags showing their finish time.

Pacer Team


 Tel: +254 729 222 251

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The Participant grants permission to the Organiser and its partners to publish photographs and images and similar material prior, during and after the Event in which the Participant is recognisable.

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